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Developers: tell recruiters

... exactly when you are available - and when you're not interested

Your time is valuable. Don't spend it chasing your next role, or fending off recruiter's calls and emails when you aren't looking.

  • Tell recruiters when you are next available,
  • Let them find you only when you are ready to talk to them

One place to show recruiters exactly when you are ready to start (or look for) your next contract. You have the power to show, or hide, your details and availability.

You've already talked to dozens of recruiters, and maybe they are calling you when you are coming towards the end of your current contract, or when you upload a new CV to the jobsites, but what if you could tell them all exactly when you are looking to start your next gig, and not have to fend them off when you're busy?

Developers crowded around a screen. From wikimedia commons.