Contract Availability is closing

The website, and profile contents, will be taken offline at the end of September, 2019.

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Recruiters, Find the right people, fast

Your time is valuable - don't spend it asking if contractors are looking

  • talk to those candidates that want to to talk to you,
  • that can fill your clients needs,
  • and find out as soon as they become available.

You already know the candidates that can do the job, and that you want to be able to hire next - but what if you could see exactly when they were going to be available, without having to continually call them, just in case they were ready to look for a new job?

You see who among your talent-base is looking, and when they could start, right on screen. No need to spend your time just calling to see if they are going to be free - you'll already know that they are looking, so you can call them first.

How much does it cost you when you don't fill a role?
How much income will slip through your fingers?

Connect to contractors

You invite to connect, or have they already asked to connect to you?

They update their status

When contractors are looking for a new role, they say when they can start, by easily updating their profiles.

You find them

As your clients need developers with particular skills, you search, finding those that match requirements. They want you to contact them.

You've already won

You've found top contractors to do the job - and no more hours of calling people that aren't even looking!