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Alister Bulman

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I build the back-end of websites - sometimes big and complicated ones, with a lot of functionality that need careful attention to issues like code quality, and scaling issues. Think of me as much of a trouble-shooter, going into a site to fix it, and make sure it can grow - a lot.

My base of knowledge is large - I collect information and soak it up like a sponge - though if I don't know a particular field (that I'm actually interested in) well, I've probably got a lot of information on the subject to hand.

Specialities: Linux and LAMP system architecture, Queues (like SQS and Beanstalkd) Scaling & DevOps. PHP Development, and testing (with PHPUnit & Behat), MySQL and MongoDB. Since 2012, I've also been using Symfony2/3 extensively (indeed, this site is written with PHP/Symfony), and so I'm particularly looking to continue using it.

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PHP Symfony doctrine capistrano phpunit tdd Docker scaling devops linux git memcached queues Beanstalkd BDD cucumber puppet behat redis ansible vagrant symfony3 agile