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Jan Garaj

Jan Garaj

may be available for new contracts

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Devops Microservice Engineer

  • Development / operations (devops) of monitoring and microservice systems
  • Docker images development, size and speed optimization
  • Development of rapid OS deployment via IPXE (CoreOS, Debian, Windows, FreeBSD) based on microservices
  • Operation support of microservice developers, e.g. continues integration tests, ...
  • Supported technologies: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Control Center, Go lang, microservices, Zabbix, Zenoss, Python, AWS, IPXE, Elasticsearch, bash, New Relic, Geckoboard, automation, Puppet, Ansible, ...

Overview of Jan (Monitoring Artist) (dockerized) monitoring ecosystem:



Grafana 2 for Zenoss 5: Docker, Zenoss Control Center, Zenoss 5, Grafana 2, Go lang, Node.js


Happy New Year Zenpack: RRD, Python, Zenoss


Zabbix Docker Monitoring: C, Zabbix


Professional monitoring services

Monitoring Artist

DevOps / Docker / Kubernetes / Zabbix / Zenoss / Monitoring



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Jan Garaj's Expertise

devops docker kubernetes zabbix zenoss grafana monitoring linux redhat centos debian microservice python go bash new relic geckoboard puppet ansible